Hello dear children, tall or small!

This month we celebrate Easter. We learn about the death of Jesus and his resurrection. About his fear in the Garden of Gethsemane, his arrest, his interrogation, and his death. We read about the great sadness of his disciples, his mother, his friends and not to forget, of God, his father.

At noon, a darkness came over the land and the curtain of the sanctuary in the temple was torn. God was grieving. But that wasn’t the end of the story. It is not over yet. No, because God is mighty and more powerful than death.

HE resurrected Jesus from death on the third day. A few may see him and even touch him. They receive comfort and are filled with new joy and hope in their fear and helplessness. They spread the joyful news!

JESUS IS ALIVE! HE has risen! He has risen indeed! HALLELUJA!

You might wonder why Jesus had to die? The answer is that through his death the way to God has been cleared again. For all the bad things that we do over and over again, Jesus has died to take our sin upon him because HE loves you and me so much.

Step 1: Glue straws together such that a bundle is formed (Foto: Henni Meininger)

Craft idea for Easter: Straw flowers
Source of the idea: „Deko Liebe“ by Imke Johannson

You can surprise your parents, grandparents or siblings on Easter morning with these flowers. You can make them easily, and you don’t need many materials.


  • 7 colored and wide straws
  • glue
  • scissors

    Step 2: Cut the bundle of straws into pieces (Photo: Henni Meininger)

  • a sprig

  1. Glue 7 straws together like the blossom of a flower ( so one straw in the middle and the other 6 straws around it).
  2. Let them dry a moment, then cut them in slices; the single petals will move, and you will have to move them back as long as the glue has not hardened yet.
  3. Cut as many flower blossoms as you want and glue them on the sprig.

Step 3: Glue the blossoms to the sprig (Photo: Henni Meininger)

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